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Xundwärts Parcours

In the forest “Hausschachenwald” near the swimming pond “Hausschachen” and quite close to the golf course you will find one of the “Xundheitswelt Workout Parks”. 20 extensive exercise stations help you to train your body and improve its fitness. Easily understandable signs show you how you can train your body at each station. The concept of jogging and gym centers were designed by sports scientist Dr. Roland Werthner with the aim to improve basic skills such as orientation, control, balance, reaction and rhythm, and to enhance agility, strength, speed and endurance - a unique combination of health and vitality. In addition to the Xundwärts “obstacle trail”, see Xundwärts routes, running and Nordic walking trails. Find the trail profile of the different routes (in German) at

Fotocredit: "Xundheitswelt"