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Our brewing tradition reachces back to the year 1321

Beer is the oldest refined drink of mankind. Wherever people found good water and settled down and grew cereals, they made their own beer. In certain landscapes, they could achieve higher beer quality than in others. In the Waldviertel, the conditions for brewing were always excellent.

Already in the first half of the 13th century, the citizens of Weitra attained economic and legal privileges. In 1261, Weitra was named a "civitas" (city). The oldest version of the urban privileges goes back to the year 1321. In this document the Habsburg king "Frederick the Beautiful" granted a privilege to the citizens of Weitra, which comprised a brewing and beer distribution monopoly for the city, and from this source we can state, that Weitra is the oldest brewing town in Austria. In the heyday of the brewing industry (in the mid 17th century), beer was brewed, stored and sold in as much as 33 houses at Weitra.