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Exhibition Series

Scene of the Iron Curtain 

The Democracy Forum Weitra is an institution meant to make interested visitors familiar with the former Iron Curtain. There is information about the dramatic events of World War II, about the time of the Cold War and the fall of the Iron Curtain in 1989. In geographic respect, this journey leads from Lübeck in the North to Trieste in the South. Following this line, the visitor receives a virtual insight into the former border areas and their history.

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The Fürstenbergs 

Experience more than 800 years of history of the town and castle Weitra in the lovingly designed Castle Museum. It shows with exhibits and works of art dated not only from the cperiod of the Kuenring dynasty who had founded the castle and town, but also about its present owners, the Fürstenberg family. It gives insight into the history of craftsmanship and into the regional economic history of the Waldviertel, into civic life in the old days, and into the history of the Weitra parish.

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Brewery Museum 

In the first basement of the castle you will see some impressive parts of the former fortress of the Kuenring dynasty. Going back to the year 1321, Weitra's brewing tradition is presented in the extensive cellars in a permanent exhibition. The brewing museum shows numerous historical items and tools used by brewers, but also treasured vintage items from private collections. So visit the interesting exposition of local beer culture. 

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Galerie 99

The Gallery 99 shows changing exhibitions of contemporary art of all fields in the unique atmosphere of a stylish renovated Weitra townhouse. 

Helene Jäger, art gallery 99
Kirchengasse 99 (Church Lane)
A-3970 Weitra

Opening hours
in June, July, August every Saturday from 10:00 a.m. - 04:00 p.m., and on appointment +43/664/7808976

Museum “The Old Textile Factory“

Museum Alte Textilfabrik

Emerging from the former "royal and imperial privileged millinery factory Hackl & Sons " (founded 1843 in Vienna), the Museum since 1990 presents the tradition of regional textile manufacturing in historical examples. Where more than 100 years ago were looms, printing tables and embroidery machines in operation, the interior is perfectly preserved, and so the visitor can get in touch with living and production conditions of the period about 1900 and will feel suspense. The reconstruction of the past required manifold information. The technique of individual operations, the interplay between home and factory work, the economic situation of the textile industry, the social contrasts between the world of the factory workers and their families is impressively presented and explained.